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I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive

Now I only waste it dreaming of you

dersplichtendoitch BrittBrady(Bear)
14 March 1990
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Hi my name is Brittany. I am a 16 year old Junior at Hellgate High. Pretty lame...kinda distracting. But if you must know I have a cheetah named Rodney (most important imfo you'll ever get) and have an addiction to Coke..that's cola. Anyways I just wanna let you know you can't screw up a BLT and that Danny Saunders is gay. No but Ms. Hixson knows. I like to wear a burqa and if you're lucky I might put on some glasses too. I blaze through it....by the way what did you get on the science test? Also my good friend Fernando the llama resides on the hellgate high sign. Anyways I am just ramblin ramblin and jamblin so if I can entertain you some more later...well you'll know where to
find me

"This tank top..I think it would be better off of you...and on the hanger...these things are best admired from afar..like sunsets...or the stars..."

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